Hop Plants

Purchased : 06/06/2019 from “Bottoms Up Homebrew Supplies”

Yesterday, after encouragement from Kevin of Storied Pint Brewing to stop being so clinical with my research on the proper planting and care methods, I stopped by Bottoms Up Home Brew to grab some Cascade hop rhizomes. Much like the well-known Troy Bolton from “High School Musical” once proclaimed with his angelic voice, “This is the start of something new”!

How I Planted Cascade Hop Rhizomes

Step 1 : Create an 8’x4’ planter box using sheer willpower and Pinterest instructions

Step 2 : Line said planter box with a raised bed liner – this helps to deter growth and disturbance of weeds 

Step 3 : Lay down rocks (supposed to use decomposed granite however the places I went to didn’t have it)

Step 4 : Place an even layer of planting soil with an inch between where the rhizome will be and the rocks 

Step 5 : Plant rhizome with dirt filling around it keeping an inch of soil covering the top of the rhizome

*Pro tip – ensure that the nubbins are pointed in an upward direction to have the vine grow to the sun

Step 6 : Water only around the rhizome being careful to not get the actual plant wet – keep a consistent daily watering schedule 

Step 7 : Give yourself a high-five because you now have a super rad addition to your backyard! 

Source : “How to Grow Hops at Home”, American Homebrewer’s Association

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